What is Memopol ?

Written by Memopol Team on 01/01/2015.

Political Memory is a tool designed by La Quadrature du Net to help European citizens to reach members of European Parliament (MEPs) and track their voting records on issues related to fundamental freedoms online.

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Written by njoyard in News on 15/04/2016.

Memopol Mini-Hackathon

After the Memopol 3.14 Relaunch Event on 14th April, the developers didn't rest !

The Chambers view shows available chambers

A mini-hackathon has enabled much progress on both importing data from French parliament chambers as well as having a way of handling multiple chambers at once, from several data sources !

The results of a representative search spanning both 3 chambers

Each list of ...

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Get on board on Memopol project !

Written by Mindiell in News on 01/03/2015.

Hi everyone,

As some of you may know, we are relaunching active development of our tool Memopol (aka “Mémoire Politique” or “Political Memory”). Our goal is for it to become a clear, simple and usable (by regular humans) web site.

Memopol, for those of you who may not know, is ...

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Reboot !

Written by quota_atypique in News on 01/01/2015.

Hello there ! It's been a long time...like two years without posting, wow.

Memopol was a bit sleepy, it's hard to find new contributors, but, still, it appears to me that this projet needs to go on. So we decided to reboot this project !

As you can see ...

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